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Learn to say NO

Assalammualaikum 2121 dan p1p1 (translated as tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,welcome to wechat 2.0)

To be honest,i dont know what happened to me. I woke up in the morning because of sleep paralyzed.  Yes,did you hear me?  Sleep paralyzed. I try to woke up by moved my ibu jari kaki and suddenly my stomach growled I mean it really growl.
So,today i cooked some nasi goreng tomyam which is not so tomyam because kiub tomyam dah tinggal satu jer and nasi goreng den tak ummmphhhh . By the way,did you ever afraid to say no when people asking for help? Yes,I do but not all the time
I know the guilt to reject someone helping,but for me It is our right to say no. Because we have something else to do,not because of we are snobbish human things or a bad people. Imagine you already have task to-do and suddenly your friends asking for help but at the same time you have work. And you help him/her also your work did not manage to finish it.
Eh i dont know lah  This issue is a personal thing for me. Not all …

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