My Kinda Spa Day Pamper Routine + Pocket-Friendly Products I Use

by - August 15, 2019

To be honest, I love to pamper myself on the weekend to wrap up my busy week. For me, self-care is very important and we need to take care of ourself. If we take care of it, we will feel better and our confidence will boost up. That just my 2 cents. Hahaha

Pampering can be so therapeutic and relaxing even though I do it at home by myself. Well, I wish I can go to the spa and let them get the job done. But you know, this girl broke as hell and she doesn't have a driving license which is very sad.

How I Pamper Myself

Because of I'm so broke, I decided to do all pampering kinds of stuff by myself. Usually, I pampering myself twice a week or depends on my laziness. All the products I use very pocket-friendly. Who said you need hundreds of bucks to pamper yourself while you can do it on your own. Turn on spa music on Spotify or any music apps andddd lets start our pampering routine.

Grooming my nails
Before anythinggggg, I like to groom my nails. To be honest, I did not do anything much on my nails. I just clipped it off to make it look nicer and clean. 

Gotta clean your nails too girls.

Long Shower
I love taking a long shower and who do not like it?  It makes me calm and more relaxes after a long day. Usually, in the shower, I will shave, clean and exfoliate my face and body.  All the process took me about 30 minutes up to an hour. Fuhhh, really lama ek.

Oh, and also I shampoo my hair and brush my teeth. I really hope I have a bathtub and soak myself for hours.

So, this is the lists of products that I use

  • Exfoliate: St Ives Green Tea
  • Cleanser: Senka Perfect White Clay
  • Shampoo: Safi
Skincare Time
So, after a long shower, I will do my skincare. What I usually do, I will go straight into masking either regular face mask nor sheet mask. 

But, I usually use a regular face mask. Sometimes I will use blackhead remover thingy and it makes me roll up my tears. Beauty is pain ladies. But for the blackhead thingy, I rarely do it because peel off mask kinda thing not good for our skin, soooo I try my best to avoid it.

 While waiting for the mask drying, I will watch Youtube or Whatsapp-ing with my boyfriend. 


When the mask is drying, I will wash it off and continue to the rest of my skincare.

Products that I use:
  • Freeman Anti- Stress Clay Mask
  • Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava (blackhead thingy)
  • Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner (this stuff realllllly good for oily skin)
  • Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream
  • Vaseline (for my lips)

Lotion Time
After I finished my skincare, I will continue to apply lotion to my whole body because my body's skin dries as hell. Our body needs love too ladies. Cracky skin all over the body totally a big  no no.

The product that I use
Unfortunately, I did not know how to take care of my hair. That's why my hair always keeps falling and I hope I did not become bald. By the way, my hair really dry, frizzy and not attractive at all.

So, what I do, I just comb my hair. If my hair already dries, I will tie my hair up and slay sleek hair look. If not, I will let my hair dry naturally.

To finish my pamper routine, I will spray my perfume even though I will go straight to sleep. 


If I did not go to sleep, I will watch Youtube or movie, listen to my fav music or anything that makes me feel relax.

I know my pamper routine not so lavish at all, but I'm happy with the result as long as I take care myself.

So, what you guys do to pamper yourself?


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  1. I looovee long shower as well, especially after a long and tiring day. Kinda wish I have a bathtub as well so that I can use those cute bathbombs advertised on Instagram T-T. Have you ever tried them?

    1. I never try bathbombs. Thats why I want a bathtub, so I can use it. Hihii

  2. It's a spa day when I put on a cold face mask :D

    1. Cold face mask? Sounds interesting.

    2. try to put your face mask in the fridge for a couple of hours and wear it when it's cold.. the best thing ever!

    3. Ohhh I see. Thank you for the tips!


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