Monday, 21 November 2016

Short Animation That Make Me Cried

Assalamualaikum guys

Have you heard about Shelter

Well,I'm not heard it for first time because,one day i opened instagram and browsed something


I came acrossed  with Shelter .

At first I thought,it was an anime/movie since people always talked bout it.

So yeah,i searched on kissanime while ago

and yeah

it's actually music movie,i thinks,its kind sort of that

but hey

i will give em a chance first since the animation quite good

you better watch it first.

But this is not on offical youtbe chanel Porter Robinson since i can't search it one to put it here...

Gahhh,im sorry guys

But this is same to the original video

No worries guys

Please click here to watch on offical Porter Robinson's chanel 

Well actually i dont know this girl is vocaloid or what,since she lives in virtual.

Like hell yeah,

When start 3.00 minute of the video,it will revealed everything bout the girl

If you want know,watched the video first.


For me,it's really sad

How bout you?

Since our heart didn't same,so i want know your feeling 

Yeah yeah, i will wait for your comment minna.

Even i watched it for second times,it really touched my heart

my kokoro so sensitive,ewww lol

So this is the full version of the songs.

Porter Robinson also make another song which for me the song related to Shelter 

Its really catchy and have deep meaning since i told you its kinda related 

Please click here since i cant search it through blog. errkk 

Bye,please let me know your feelings for this animation. 


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Alkisah di petang hari


alkisah di petang hari

ceritanya begini
*ehem ehem*

Aku order barang skincare kat Hermo

Harga not bad dan cara bayar pun senang.

Lalu aku pillihlah MolPay sebagai cara untuk bayar barang aku yang aku order tu




Pada hari ini lepas balik sekolah aku terus suruh abang aku bawak gi 7eleven

Lepas abang aku hantar adik aku gi sekolah agama

terus gi 7eleven

Bayangan untuk dapat barang yang aku idamkan dah terbayang kat otak

Tak sabarnya

Nanti bolehla hilang eyebag gan blackhead bagai ni

Angan angan,


bak kata orang putih


Sesudah sampai di 7eleven terus tanya akak cashier

Kak kat sini ada bayar MolPay?

Aku bertanya dengan penuh harapan

Cuba tengok kat depan tu ada tulis Molpay tak?

Aku pandang ke cermin pintu kedai



"Ok kak,terima kasih"

Terus aku keluar dengan harapan musnah

Abang aku kata bayar kat bank jer

Tengoklah kalau ada masa ke tak

Lalu aku balik rumah dan cancel order

Buat order baru

Kali ni guna manual transfer pulak




Akak 7eleven tu jawab pertnyaan aku dengan nada sarkastik

Maaflah tuan puan,saya punya sekeping hati ini sangat rapuh...

Sambil keluar 7Eleven sambil bermonolog

"Bukan semua 7eleven ada MOLPAY ke?Ke aku ni bengap sangat,tapi kat tempat bayar tu ada tulis Molpay"

Aku pantas membuat keputusan baru untuk bayar guna manual transfer

Aku tak suka


bank jauh

walaupun bukan aku yang drive 


Sunday, 30 October 2016

I'm Back Guys

Assalamualaikum guysssss.

After a long hiatus finally im back.Well i dont have any story to share with you guys because my life kinda bored. I just finished my exam on Thursday last week.Its really tough dude.The question really hard and my brain cant worked correctly -_-

So,i just checked my cbox,many ppls told me my header really beautiful and one person asked me,that i am student architecture. LOLLLL,of course not.Dude im only 16 years old.Hahahaha
FYI,i did not do any digital art,i only do traditional art and i cant draw like my header. Hahahaha.
Ok,ok lets be honest here.I use GOOGLE.You know Google?Of course you know

Just search 'anime background scenery' and poofff so many selection just pick any pic that you like and make sure the size above 1000.You can choose city,beach and lots.So yeah,my header credit to owner and i do not know who the owner is.Im not said my header is mine.Ohh i wish i can do digital art,but what i can do is only traditional art. -////-

and edit the size on paint according your header size,simple right?

Im very confused right know,where should i go after SPM? I plan to take language and linguistic in english/japan. But i dont know what university have that course and what qualification that they want.The reason why i want take language because i really lovessssss with english and japan.

But i have several choices like business,interior design/decorate/art/teacher(i want to teach nihongo/english in malaysia/japan) and so on(i will thinks it later)

Even my english is sucks,but who knows one day i will improve right?

so who take japan language and studied in japan,please let me know what criteria that they want.Should i take addmath or not. because i planned to drop that subject.Its really hard you know.All i can do is math only. :'(

ok guys,thats all bye

p/s i really need your advises 


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Review Nature Republic Peeling Gel Wash

After a year,finally i make this review.Okay this is short review only cause im lazy right now.Okay people,im not always get very diligent even do my hobbies.*slap*

I dont remember how much this product,but i know this product is good for removes your dead skin cells.I use this once or twice a week.DONT USE EXFOLIATE PRODUCT EVERYDAY cause its not good for your skin.Twice a week is enough.

 Look at that,ewww sorry for gross pictures.Gently massage on your face in circular motion and the product smell so good.Its smell lemon.

okay guys
byee chiouuu

sorry for short entry.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

UPDATED Skincare Routine

Assalamualaikum everybody.

So this is my updated skincare routine,i change the way how i wash my face and everything.Now my face get a little bit better than before :D
If you read my previous entry about my skincare routine,i use Safi but now i change the product which is suitable for my skin type.I have oily skin but rarely to have acne,im bless with that, hahahaha >.<,I will get acne on 'that' time only.

my beauty product.

For cleanser,I use Nano White Fresh and its specially formulated for oily skin.Its have tea tree oil,sea algae and vitamin c which is good for your skin.So far,i love this cleanser,cause its make my skin not feel so tight and now my skin doesnt feel so oily very much.

In the bottle is Miracle Mist Nano White Fresh which is have 9 benefit.Its claim to

  • Minimise appearance of pores
  • Refine pores
  • Brighten skin
  • Reduce excess sebum
  • Reduce acne
  • Restore skin balance
  • Soothe acne-prone skin
  • Refresh tired skin
  • Hydrate skin for fresh,bright and radiant skin.
I use this after i cleanse my face,cause its help restore skin balance.I think its like toner.This product make a huge different.My pimples slowly rid away,my skin feel much more better and less oily.Actually i dont use this product before this,cause i think its doesnt have any function *slapmyself* but after i watched youtube video,they said toner is important to balancing your pH skin,so thats why i use this. Hahaha

For moisturiser,i use the same brand,Nano White Fresh.I love this because its quick absorbing than my Nature Republic Gel.Cause in the early morning i need to rush cause i have school and i dont wanna late,its sucks you know.It doesnt feel sticky at all.So i think this product is good.

Dark Spot Correcter use for lightens dark spot,reduce pimple,reduces excess sebum.I use this for 4/5 months i dont remember actually. and my scars slowly fade.I think this one is much more better than Safi.I likes this.

I use Biore pore strips to removes my blackheads/whiteheads.As you know,pore strips doest effective very well.I want to find peel off mask cause its can removes all your blackheads/whiteheads all over your face not only on your nose.I want to buy peel off mask,but i cant find it in drugstore.

Absorbent paper,nothing special about that.I buy that cause my face gets very oily at school and idk why its

okay thats only
bye chiou....


Thursday, 18 August 2016


just testing my ability 

Assalamualaikum gaiss

I loves drawing,colouring and painting so thats my watercolour painting.

Today,actually i just finished my exam and in my opinion this time is the worst.Because its sudden test and i cant prepare more earlier .Plus the questions is hard as helll. Please save my grade.
This week also have one incident between my classmates and my addmath teacher.I feel my teacher being so ridiculous to get mad at small things and my mathematics teacher very sympathy at us cause we get scolded at unreasonable things.

And on the same day i guess my addmath teacher send messages at whatsaap group and her statement veryyyyy make me sooo annoy and felt sad at my friends. At first i dont know anything about their problem with my teacher After i hear the story from my friends i want to cry because how she have the heart to do something like that.

Well i dont want to type the actual story here.Now everything is okay and settled.But yeah we still mad at her but we dont show it cause we have some respect at our teacher even she do that at us.

Oh yeah,now my school have some mysterious paranormal story that now spreading at my whole school. I feel so excited and shocked at the same time.

Actually my school have 2 refill water machine,idk what you call. Alah yang Coway penapis air tuuu.One at bilik masak and one more near at old boy toilet at aras 3/tingkat 3. Well,the toilet was locked with horizontal bar cause idk why school locked that toilet.FYI my school have many toilets by its rarely use. Some pupils said when they refill their water at the machine they heard one girl voice crying....but you know the toilet was locked.

One of my junior also refill her Yasin water but when she smell/drank that water she said the water smell like kapur barus.Emmm sound cheezy right?Oh maybe you can send my stories to @fuckta_creppy at instagram. Hahhaha

Actually many pupils said that they experience the same things like others.I want to go at that machine water maybe i can hear some voice.....


Ok ciouuuu byee


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Men-nyah nyah


I likes to speak in English even its broken.As long as you can understand my super weird eng its okay.Because when we speak,its about communication not ur grammar or so whatseoever.For me,when i speak in english i can felt that im a different person.Like i have two personality.

Today,i have PLBS(?) or ULBS (?) idk actually for english.Teacher asked us to find one article and memorize it.Teacher Tiqah gave us random number and i got 32,i was a happy person on that time cause I can memorize it without tergagap.And my article very short from my friends and i not regret to choose that article even it have four or five words that i cant pronounce it correctly.When i speak in eng i use US accent than UK accent.For me UK accent its bit difficult to pronounce it like water(us) and wotah(uk)

My dad said UK accent likes Jawa.Orang jawa kan cakapnya kan pekat dan lain.Arghh susahlah nak explain.Tapi yang pasti boleh bezakan antara orang cakap guna slang jawa dengan slang biasa.Try hear Adele song and demmmm i cant recognize whats she said.Lol

When its my turn,i read the text infront of my teacher.Im so nervous and my hands so cold.I try to calm myself with moving my hands when im talked.Hope you can understand what im trying to say.
My teacher asked me

What did you understand from phrase "Why need bask in the sunlight while its have life in us?"

And i was demmm,i dont know what the meaning of it,fortunately my teacher change the question.Fuhh,selamat aku.Next,my teacher asked me to pick up random number,so i choose my fav number (24) cause its my birthday date.Hahaha.I think i was lucky cause i got easy questions.I got "Whats your fav food" I think food and me have special bond.Lololol

Since its about food,its so easy to answer my teacher questions although tergagaplah juga.But i made it.

I really enjoy to talk in english cause its fun plus i can communicate with ppl from all around the world.Try to speak in eng even its broken.Dont worry ppl not laughing at you.But im bit frusted certain ppl,when we try talk in eng,they said we lupa daratan and pinggirkan bahasa sendiri.Its not i forget my own language,i just want to learn since english is international language.And i feel so sad when i wrong pronounce some words they will laugh at us.I meannn urghh thats annoying.Macamlah hang tu boleh speak eng betu sangat,padahal level sama cam aku jer.Hmpphh....

Ppl nowdays are weird.They should support us.not make a joke from our mistakes.

okay minna,thats all,byee ciouuu

p/s can you explain to me what the meaning of that phrase?
i really want to know..


Monday, 8 August 2016

Thoughts #1

I`m thinking too much

I seem to be fine,but actually i`m not.

I always think that i`m not perfect.

I wanna be perfect

Like she,that girl,pretty woman.....

I always thought why i can`t be like them.

Why i can`t be perfect?


I always feel that i`m ugly


Not humble enough

Very bored and annoying girl

I dont have any confidence

Maybe have a little :')

I`m just hope that i loves myself much more than another ppl

I tried


I thinking too much


Its destroy me....


Saturday, 6 August 2016

Our Times

Assalamualaikum gaissss

Lamalah juga aku tak update blog ni.Dalam sebulan gitulah kut.Ahh apa apa jelah yang penting aku dah update daripada terbiar jewwww

Harap korang tak salah faham ye dengan tajuk entry kali ni.Walaupun bertajuk our times,ni takde kaitan dengan life aku yang memang bosan gila.Hahahahaahah *gelak fake*
Senanya aku ajet ajet yang update  "My Top 10 OP Anime" or "Assassination Classrooms SPOILER" tapi takpelah,lenkali je k.Maaflah tajuk macam tak menarik langsung.Choiiiiii

BTW Our Times ni movie senanya.Siapa pernah tengok??Aku dah tengok separuh dah,pastu kawan aku tidur rumah aku so aku mintaklah cerita tu.Aku tengok pukul 2 pagi sampai pukul 4 sebab cerita tu 2 jam.Ha lama tak lama.

The story revolves around Truly Lin’s (Joe Chen) flashback of the puppy love affair involving her younger self (Vivian Sung, Cafe.Waiting.Love) and three senior high classmates — crush Ouyang Extraordinary (Dino Lee), campus sweetheart Tao Minmin (Dewi Chien) and bad boy Hsu Taiyu (Darren Wang). It’s bookended by her present life as a hardworking optimist trapped in a dead-end job and an unsuitable relationship. Things were different in the 1990s. At 18, she was plain, clumsy and good-natured, a mix that eventually, with some help from a makeover, won her more than she asked for.

Cerita ni memang best gila. At first movie ni memang kelakarla but nanti dah nak dekat dekat sedih sangat.Aku asyik nangis je sampai tisu aku dah lembap.Sikit sikit nangis ha memang hati tisu sangat.
BTW aku kenal sorang je pelakon cerita ni

Darren Wang.sebab.dia.handsome.

Ppl please dont judge me.


Btw cerita ni must watch sebab memang best gila and storyline langsung tak expect apa yang akan jadi.Tapi kalau kau hati tisu tu,sediakan tisu bebanyak lah.Kalau segan nak nangis jangan tengok dengan kawan k.

Cerita ni buat aku sedar yang orang jahat tak semestinya dia jahat dan orang baik tak semestinya baik.Kita ni takleh judge orang berdasarkan apa yang kita nampak.Kadang kadang kita tak perasan apa kebaikan orang tu.Dan kalau orang tu jahat bagilah peluang untuk dia berubah,jangan terus menerus bash dia.Mungkin dia akan jadi lebih baik daripada kita dn apa yang kita jangkakan.

ok gaissssss

bye ciouuuuuu

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Nak Tegur Pun Ada Caranya Juga

Haritu 24 JUN birthday aku,allhamdullilah :D panjang lagi umur haku,

Ye ye,aku nak cerita pasal menegur.
Aku ni kadang kadang pesen yang panas hati bila orang tegur dengan cara yang kurang betul.Niat tu ada nak menegur,tapi tulah cara dia salah...
Pernah kena sekali juga.

Ceritanya begini ye anak anak

Aku adalah seorang kawan yang bernama x .Beliau ni boleh dikatakan care pasal ummah,bukan cam haku ni, :')
Cara dia menegur ni bagi aku kurang betul,kalau korang kena tegur DEPAN KHAYALAK RAMAI DENGAN SUARA YANG KUAT apa yang korang rasa?
Tbh,aku sangatlah sakit hati dan tak terima nasihat tu langsung,sebab cara dia dah memalukan orang.
Kawan aku ni dah banyak kali kena dengan dia,kadang kadang aku ni rasa geram sangat.

Cara dia tegur tu macam aku nyatakan di atas dan lagi satu tegur yang tak berlapik.Cakap straight to the point.Contoh kejadian yang pernah berlaku ialah kat grup kelas aku.

Biasalah classmatekan bual bual biasa.Tapi adalah seorang budak laki baru (act 2 orang bdk baru) dia chatlah kat grup wasap,chat apa benda ntah aku pun tak paham,ayam...ayam pebenda ntah.Pastu kawan aku yang x ni cakap cemni

Korang sedar tak korang chat ni ada maksud lain.bla bla... (aku dah tak ingat dia bebel apa yang penting sentap maknoksss) p/s lelaki perempuan tak boleh berbual kalau takde benda penting,nampak cam simple jer,tapi benda ni menjurus kepada zina.Hati hati ye
Aku dah delete dah msg nya,aku pun sentap gak walau pun tak terlibat.Bila sampai sekolah jer,semua rasa sakit hati dan sentap dengan dia.Tapi diamkan jelah  kang takut tak berkawan entah pape nanti.

Kejadian yang kedua pulak,masa tu tengah buat presentation untuk kelas AdS aku tak ingat tajuk ape.Yang penting tukang present kat depan cakap pasal tengok kpop,anime etc benda benda lagha la senang cakap
Pastu si x ni cakap dengan kawan aku,
"Hah y kau kan tengok anime kan"
Sudahla cakap kekuat,padahal dia sendiri pun tengok anime,katanya dah stop tengok.
Aku yang dengar cerita kawan aku ni pun sakit hatilah juga.Cara dia cakap tu macamlah kawan aku si y  ni tengok anime tah pape.Isyhh..geram pulak aku.Hahaha

Tak salaah nak menegur tapi menegurlah dengan cara yang berhemah,lemah lembut,takde sarkastik,buat lawak lawak sikit ke or benda tak sakitkan hati.Sebab aku rasa orang akan terima teguran kita dengan hati yang terbuka.
Cuba kena tegur dengan cara yang marah marah,korang nak ikut ke?Ok mesti tak nak kan..

oklah gais,chiouuu
ni aku update blog guna laptop kawan aku sebab buat presentation.Hahaha

p/s bulan puasa ni jangan mengumpat ek,bak kata ustaz aku,kalau mengumpat ni baik buka puasa terus,sebab mengumpat tukan ibarat memakan daging saudara sendiri.Ingat tauu...

Friday, 3 June 2016

Holiday at Terengganu and Kelantan

Pantai Batu Burok

Assalamualaikum and konnbawa minna san!

BTW malam tadi aku baru balik dari Kelantan dan Terengganu.Aku kat sana 4 hari.Pergi sana sambil sambil nak tengok sedara kat Terengganu dan mak aku nak beli barang kat Kelantan.Hahaha


Gerak dalam pukul 8.30 pagi dari JB a.k.a dari rumah atok aku.Masa otw ke Trganu,makan dulu rojaak ayam kat Kuantan.Tempat tu aku tak tau kt mana yang penting kat depan stesen minyak dan dekat dengan sungai.Sungai apa? Entah aku pun tak tanya bapak ayam dia sedap wei,aku makan gelojoh betul :p

Sampai kat rumah mak cik aku dalam pukul 7 malam.Sebab tak banyak singgah tempat.Perjalanan dari Johor ke Trganu ambil masa dalam 12 jam.Memang cram buntut aku.Hahaha.

Disebabkan kitaorang sampai Trganu dalam pukul 6 lebih,so kitaorang pergi BTB (akudahlupanamapenuhdiaapa).Tempat ni feymes and kat Seberang Takir,my father said,tempat ni dekat dengan kawasan airport.

Masa family aku pergi,memang tempat tu sesak gila and ramai.Aku dok perhati jer orang orang ni beli keropok keping banyak banyak.Hahaha,sampai satu kotak pun ada.Tapi family aku just makan jer,tak beli pun sebab mak aku kata tu bukan keropok yang dia nak.Eh,bukan semua keropok keping rasa dia sama je ke?-__-.Hanya mak mak kita jer

Keropok losong dia ada berperisa tau.Bapak aku beli yang cheese,regular and blackpepper.Rasa dia not bad la.Sedap pun sedap,kenyang pun kenyang.Hahaha.Harga dengan air rm 20+ means affordable la.Sampai rumah mak cik aku dalam pukul 7 malam.


Pagi tu ingatkan nak bawak sedara sedara aku pi jalan jalan.Act,suami kepada mak cik aku tu,adiknya bapak aku.Tapi dah meninggal sebab kanser hati.

Please sedekahkan al-Fatihah kepada arwah pak cik aku,Jamaluddin bin Mohamad semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan dimasukkan kedalam syurgaNya dan dimudahkan azab siksa kubur,al-Fatihah...

Aamiin.Terima kasih kepada yang sedekahkan al-fatihah. :)

Tapi disebabkan makcik aku nak pi hospital and sedara aku ada kelas tambahan so kitaorang pi jalan jalan masa petang.Sebelum pi pantai kitaorang singgah giant dulu.Sahjew jejalan.Aku dengan sedara aku yang perempuan tu main arked,game kereta,but guess what aku kalah kepada budak darjah 6.Malu sungguh oi,rasa nak hentak kepala kat stereng.

Lepas main game kereta,pergi karaoke pulak.Hahaha,aku nyanyi tak sedap langsung.-_-

Dalam pukul 5,kitaorang gerak pi Batu Burok Beach.

 Thats my cousin,all of them are taller than me.sobsob. bilalah aku nak tinggi wei.

Syurgaku yang sudi bawak anak beranak berjalan.Love them so much <3

Cik muda punya blog.Miahahaha.acah acah model tengah shooting tepi
Pliss jangan kecam.

Yang ni sedar aku yang aku kalah main game kereta dengan dia.Hahaha
Kitaorang balik malam,sebelum balik ada pergi jejalan kat bandar sat.


Pagi pukul 8 lebih dari Trganu gerak pi Kelantan.Sampai dalam pukul 12 lebih dan nak cari hotel.First first tak dapat cari hotel tapi allhamdullilah dapat.
So kitaorang tidur dekat hotel ni.

Bapak aku sewa bilik apartment,satu malam Rm 200+
Aparmentya ada 2 bilik,2 toilet,mini kitchen and TV.Wifi kat lobi je ada.sobsob.TV dia pulak dapat siaran thailand hahaha.

Tapi kitaorang tak masuk terus sebab still ada orang lagi,so pergilah kat Pengkalan Kubor (akuejabetulketakni?)

Kat sini yang murahnya pinggan mangkuk dan coklat.Since kawasan bebas cukai so harganya memang murahlah.
Mak aku pening tengok banyak mangkuk yang murah dan cecantik.Kalau pi sini tak yah beli baju sebab harga dia mahal.Nak beli kat Wakaf Che Yeh.
Tugas lelaki kt sini hanyalah tukang angkut barang dan kena bersabar.Miaahahaha.

Pantai Sri Tujuh.Tempat cantik tapi sayangnya banyak sampah. Sedih aku tengok.

Malamnya terus pi Wakaf Che Yeh nak beli baju.Since hotel aku dekat dengan tempat tu,so kitaorang jalan kaki ja.Rambang mata aku tengok,semua nak beli.

Sebelum memulakan aktiviti shooping,perut haruslah diisi dulu supaya ada tenaga nak tawar menawar,lol


Pagi pagi terus breakfast kat hotel dan bersiap untuk check out hotel.

Kena gerak pepagi sebab susah nak cari parking kat Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah.Kat sini banyak kain pasang yang cecntik dan harga murah gila.Sriyes aku cakap.

Hrga asikrim ni rm3 dan puas makan.Boleh beli kat sebelah surau dan tepi dia ada parkson.

Nak balik Trganu tetiba nampak qu puteh qu puteh barulah putih.lolJakun jap nampak Dr Vida.


Malam tu tidur kat rumah mak cik aku Trganuu dan terus balik esok pagi.
Sampai rumah dalam pukul 9 malam.

Ok gaisss

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Drawing Addict

Assalamualaikum n oyasumi gaissss.

Well,tbh aku baru habis exam hari ni.Hari ni exam sivik jerr so aku tak pergi sekolah pun.lololol.Well aku nak pergi sekolah tapi malam tadi aku stay up sampai pukul 2 pagi then aku sedar yang bapak aku kejut dah pukul 7.29 pagi lepas tengok jam kat laptop. Dahlah aku rabun pastu mamai tak jelaslah aku nampak nombor tu.

Jawabnya i tak pergi sekolah la.Hahahaha.Lepastu mak aku call, dan bebel. -_-
Wei aku tak expect yang aku akan bangun lambat sebab biasanya aku stay up sampai pukul 3a.m pun still boleh bangun.

Mujurlah sivik jer,kalau biology? Hermm kirim salam jelah.

Back to the topic,aku nak cerita sikitlah pasal hobby baru aku//drawing\\
Well,aku baru start drawing December 2015 means last year.But sebelum tu aku pernahlah belajar dengan kawan aku masa tahun tu juga.Ermm,tapi aku stop belajar lukis dengan dia sebab susah and aku tak suka cara dia ajar aku,lols

So I decided to learn it by myself aka self taught.Bukak youtube tengok cara orang lukis.First time lukis memang ermmm,,, wth aku lukis ni. *facepalm*

But yeah sekarang adalah improvment sikit and i proud with it even my drawing tak sematching dengan kawan aku tu.

Masa aku first time lukis ingat semudah yang disangka,rupanya penuh dengan liku.Ko bayangkan aku nak lukis bulat pun failde lagilah nak lukis entire body.Hermmm,mujurlah orang yang komen kat youtube tu baik hati,dia bagi link tutorial lukis circle,sound funny right?But yeah ada sesetengah ppl yg tak beberapa terror lukis circle termasuk aku.Hahaha

Yang atas tu kira paling latest aku lukis.Sebab aku ada exam bulan ni but now im free!
Tapi aku fikir melukis ni hobi yang murah,but.... yeahhhh jauh dari sangkaan aku.Bila sensei(s) aku kat instagram post barang barang lukis diorang terus aku tarik napasss. Search kat internet nak pengsan aku.Can you imagine one copic marker rm 14.90? but i consider it as rm 15.And prismacolour rm 300+ lepas checked kat lazada.

Maka aku terus aku beralih kepada faber castell sebab aku tengok kat youtube ada orang colour guna faber castell cantik wooo.

Kalau nak melukis ni memang kena banyak bersabar,need a lot of practice.Aku nak bagi nasihat pun tak layak sebab aku lukis pun tak cantik lagi.Tapi thats the true.

Oklah guys,bye bye

Friday, 15 April 2016

Plastic Memories

Assalamualaikum guys!

Hari ni aku nak review satu anime ni.Cerita ni dah lama aku habiskan.Aku tengok pun sebab ada satu ig ni @animetv recommend gila cerita ni,So aku pun terpengaruh dan nak tengok.Hahaha,dia kata jangan judge cerita ni by title.So far,best wei cerita ni. Hahahaha.

Synopsis by

The SAI Corporation has achieved great fame for its human-like androids. Called Giftia, these robots are programmed with a synthetic soul and serve many purposes in society. There’s just one flaw: a Giftia can live only 81,920 hours (about nine years and four months) before their memories and personality fade from existence, and they become potentially violent.

That’s where Tsukasa Mizugaki comes in. After failing his college entrance exams, Mizugaki lands a job at the SAI Corporation’s Terminal Service Department, whose purpose is to reclaim these “expired” Giftia. Surrounded by expired Giftia and assisted by his Giftia work partner, the beautiful, innocent and inexperienced Isla, Mizugaki must come to terms with the short lifespan of these incredibly life-like androids in Plastic Memories.
Sinopsis aku

Cerita ni pasal ada seorang lelaki,Tsukasa Mizugaki dia kerja dekat SAI Corporation bahagian retrieve giftia.Giftia ni android yang diprogramkan sytnhentic soul.Lifespan giftia ni cuma 9 tahun 4 bulan.Ada yang beli giftia ni dijadikan sebagai anak,cucu,makwe,pakwe,suami atau isteri.Ada seorang giftia ni nama dia Isla.Dia comel sangat sebab macam budak budak.Dia partner dengan Tsukasa.So,lama lama Tsukasa suka kat Isla,but....
Ok tu jelah yang aku bagi tau.Nak tau cammna pilah tengok.Hahahaha.Gomennei.Tapi masa aku tengok ep 1,ada part dia kena retreive seorang budak kecik ni.Budak tu tinggal dengan nenek.Nenek tu hidup sorang sorang.First nenek tu tak nak,tapi dah lama lama dia redha (redha?) So masa Isla retrieve budak tu,aku nangis wei!Sedih gila.Gilalah tak sedih,nenek tu dah anggap giftia tu cam cucu dia,dahlah tinggal sorang sorang.Ni sekarang masa aku nak tulis entry ni pun rasa cam nak nangis.

Kalau dia retrieve maksudnya semua memory giftia tu ada akan hilang.Tulah yang sedihnya and diorang ni akan dilupuskan untuk dijadikan giftia baru.Ni aku anggap cam matilah ni.Kalau tak retrieve dia akan jadi ganas sampai boleh bunuh orang.

Masa aku tengok cerita ni ending dia boleh tahan sedih dan aku menangis selama 2 hari. Bila aku dengar OP dia jer,once again aku menangis lagi.Wei,aku takleh imagine bila aku tengok AnoHana or Clannad.Mesti aku nangis selama seminggu.Bila kawan aku cerita pasal Clannad,aku nangis wei!Belum tengok lagi.Maaflah,saya ni memang beremosi sikit.Ngeeeee~

Released:Mar 2015

Nak tengok atau download?
Meh sini 

 ok guys ciaouuu.

Saturday, 9 April 2016


Assalamualaikum gais...
Rindu aku tak?Hahaha,Wei ni dah masuk bulan 4 2016 dah.Entry WELCOME 2K16 pun tarak.
Ni pun aku update jap jer.Sebab esok aku sekolah -_-
Yelah,aku ni laptop pun takda,maka menumpang laptop kakak dn abang jelah.
Bersyukur khai ~

Since dah masuk form 4 ni,kerja sekolah dan pressure para guru sangatlah tinggi sebab tahun depan kan aku SPM.Rasa macam tak percaya,pastu masuk universiti pastu kerja pastu kahwin pastu pastu...mungkin aku mati :`)

Sebenarnya aku takde cerita best pun.Ni update pun sebab tak nak tengok post yang sama jer,sakit mata wei. Haritu pun sempatlah tukar background dengan header sekali.Hah sekali dengan bio.Habis tu takkan nak stay 15 tahun jerkan.Hahahaha.
Dah alang alang tu kliklah nuffnang aku.

p/s bulan 5 nanti aku ada exam lagi.Huaaaa