Thursday, 19 November 2015

My Skincare Product :D

My kawaii badass Yukine :D

Assalamualaikum and moshi moshi to all cutie and handsome fairies :D

Today,i'm gonna share you about my skincare routine.Hahahaha,I write this entry because I'm shoooo bored thooo.
Well,my skincare routine just simple and dont use a lot of product because i'm so POKAI to buy it *sobsob*
Yeah you know a girl should concern about their skin because you dont the shetzzz of pimple bermaharajalela at your face.I know that feeling dude.Lol.It's important to make sure your skin always shine bright like a diamond.

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So this is what I use for my everyday routine.I'am a loyal user of Safi Balqis because i dont know what the best product for cleanse and toner.Please suggest me guys!
For peeling I'am using Nature Republic Lemon Peeling Gel Wash.It's effective to get rid off my dead skin cells.When i using it to my face i was like YA ALLAH KOTOQ GILA MUKA AKU! Seriously u should buy it right now.InsyaAllah i will review this product if i not lazyyyyyy.lololol.

For moisturizer(akuejabetulke?) I'am using Nature Republic Soothing Aloe Vera. Allhamdullilah my scars finally fade.I just bought i recently.Once again,you should buy this because it's so awesomeeee you know?!

I have panda eyes but i so sad because i dont cute like the fluffy panda.So to overcome this problem i bought Garnier Brigthening Eye Roll On.I just accidently to write Gardenia.Huhuhuhu. Pathetic .My eyebag finally beransur hilang dan aku harap kau tak kembali lagi.Ever forever.Since form 1 i have terrible panda eyes and iam shoo lazy to concern about it.When i'am turn 15 this year i more concern to take care my face,body and healthy. ;)

Lastly for my AngelinaJolie  cute lips(lol) im using Seba Med Lip Defense and the result totally wow.Now my lips more smooth and always moisture.No more cracking ang uglehhh lips.Hahahaha.Finally you get lost from my lips.*evillaugh*

See I told you i have ugly eyebag.Hurmm so sad.Please dont trust the picture i'am not flawless like that it just camera trick.If you see me in real world you gonna say astaghfirullah .Hahahaha just kidding.


Sorry for my bad english.I just want to write my entry in english confidntly.Hahahaha


Kim Chaa said...

Kalau saya, pencuci muka yg best Missha ( brand korea ) & Himalaya . Himalaya mmg best sebab boleh stopkan jerawat yg ntahpaper tuu .. dan hilangkan parut sekali :D harga dlm rm25-30 dan tahan 3 bulan . Toner yg best clean & clear dgn hada labo yg warna biru. Gada labo mahal sikit tp tahan sampai 6 bln .. heee .. pnjang komen

syasandeul said...

hi! just wanna ask, where to buy the aloe vera gel selain online?
and..... try and error in english is quite fun and trust me you'll improve hehe :D

Khairina Khairudin said...

@syasandeul Hahahaha i bought it at Nature Republic.Kalau dekat tempat saya kedai tu ada kat dalam AEON

leya yeolly said...

Wahhhh saya pun ada aloe vera tuh satu. Hasil tangkapan kawan di korea. Dia belikan saya satu. Hihihi