Thank You 2018, Next

by - January 25, 2019

Assalammualaikum and happy late new year! *so late Khairina, you never learned from your previous mistakes* 🙄🙄

Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

So how your new year? Did you already achieve your resolutions? If you already achieved it, congrats and wow so fast. So how about we use a time machine to go back in 2018. Not further ado, let's travel together!


If you don't know, last year, I joined short courses at Giatmara. It is so near from my place. I took sewing courses and it was fun even it's really terrible when I tried to use the sewing machine properly, but hey, I managed to handle it! Yeay. So today, I proudly say that I can sew a blouse,baju kurung and etc. The courses took about 6 months but unfortunately, I did not manage to finish it because I need to register Form 6.

SPM result

Allhamdullilah I got a good result at least for me and I satisfied with myself. Shout out to my teachers, parents and friends. Also, praise to Allah.

Trip to Sabah

Frankly, I said, I forgot when I go to Sabah and how many days I was spent there. Overall I love Sabah!

Oldest brother's graduation

We go to Perak for my brother graduation ceremony! My parents wear a big smile and I want they shine so brightly when I get my own degree in the future. InshaAllah

Became STPM/Pre-University student

New place and new environment. I was totally got culture shocked when I enter Form 6. Everything so different and allhamdullilah I managed to adapt it. Pray for me for sem 2. Oh, by the way, that picture was taken after my last paper exam,Sejarah. I think I f***ed up for my entire paper. Hahahahaha.

Oldest sister's graduation
We go to Terengganu for my sister's graduation ceremony. 

Joining netball tournament
Well, I did not play for the actual tournament. Actually, I'm a  reserved player. I don't have any courage to play because all the opponent looked so stronger than me. For your information, I didn't know to play netball. Ermm, it is not like I don't know play at all. I have basic, but my basics are not so strong. But it is a new experience for me since I never joined any tournament like this before.

Became Hari Sukan organiser/urusetia

My friend asked me to help her on Hari Sukan and I  accepted her offer willingly. Again, new experience and it is nice because I got to know how to handle Hari Sukan event.

Became candidates for MPP/PTE election
Oh my God. I really did not believe I joined this election and became one of the candidates. I'm really nervous when the teachers asked all of us to speak in front of all the students. But unfortunately I did not win the election, instead, I became a bureau under Exco Keushawanan.New experience. hihihi
After voting. Btw this is syrup cordial. Hahahaha

Taking exam for STPM sem 1

So that's my wrap up for 2018. There is so many good and bad memories. An unexpected event occurred and also friends issue. Hahahaha. Looking my 2018 recap, I looking further for my 2019 journey!


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