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Assalamualaikum gaiss

I love drawing, colouring and painting so that's my watercolour painting.

Today, actually I just finished my exam and in my opinion, this time is the worst. Because of its sudden test and I can't prepare more earlier. Plus the questions are hard as hell. Please save my grade.
This week also have one incident between my classmates and my Addmath teacher. I feel my teacher being so ridiculous to get mad at small things and my mathematics teacher very sympathy at us cause we get scolded at unreasonable things.

And on the same day, I guess my Addmath teacher send messages at WhatsApp group and her statement veryyyyy make me sooo annoy and felt sad at my friends. At first, I don't know anything about their problem with my teacher After I hear the story from my friends I want to cry because how she could do something bad like that.

Well, I don't want to type the actual story here. Now everything is okay and settled. But yeah we still mad at her but we don't show it cause we have some respect at our teacher even she do that at us.

Oh yeah, now my school have some mysterious paranormal story that now spreading at my whole school. I feel so excited and shocked at the same time.

Actually, my school have 2 refill water machine,idk what you call. Alah yang Coway penapis air tuuu.One at bilik masak and one more near at old boy toilet at aras 3/tingkat 3. Well, the toilet was locked with horizontal bar cause idk why school locked that toilet.FYI my school have many toilets by its rarely used. Some pupils said when they refill their water at the machine they heard one girl voice crying....but you know the toilet was locked.

One of my juniors also refill her Yasin water but when she smell/drank that water she said the water smell like kapur barus. Emmm sound cheezy right? Oh, maybe you can send my stories to @fuckta_creppy at Instagram. Hahaha

Actually many pupils said that they experience the same things as others. I want to go to that machine water maybe I can hear some voice.....

Ok ciouuuu byee


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  1. okay that was creepy . i read this at midnight :') help


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