Men-nyah nyah


I likes to speak in English even its broken.As long as you can understand my super weird eng its okay.Because when we speak,its about communication not ur grammar or so whatseoever.For me,when i speak in english i can felt that im a different person.Like i have two personality.

Today,i have PLBS(?) or ULBS (?) idk actually for english.Teacher asked us to find one article and memorize it.Teacher Tiqah gave us random number and i got 32,i was a happy person on that time cause I can memorize it without tergagap.And my article very short from my friends and i not regret to choose that article even it have four or five words that i cant pronounce it correctly.When i speak in eng i use US accent than UK accent.For me UK accent its bit difficult to pronounce it like water(us) and wotah(uk)

My dad said UK accent likes Jawa.Orang jawa kan cakapnya kan pekat dan lain.Arghh susahlah nak explain.Tapi yang pasti boleh bezakan antara orang cakap guna slang jawa dengan slang biasa.Try hear Adele song and demmmm i cant recognize whats she said.Lol

When its my turn,i read the text infront of my teacher.Im so nervous and my hands so cold.I try to calm myself with moving my hands when im talked.Hope you can understand what im trying to say.
My teacher asked me

What did you understand from phrase "Why need bask in the sunlight while its have life in us?"

And i was demmm,i dont know what the meaning of it,fortunately my teacher change the question.Fuhh,selamat aku.Next,my teacher asked me to pick up random number,so i choose my fav number (24) cause its my birthday date.Hahaha.I think i was lucky cause i got easy questions.I got "Whats your fav food" I think food and me have special bond.Lololol

Since its about food,its so easy to answer my teacher questions although tergagaplah juga.But i made it.

I really enjoy to talk in english cause its fun plus i can communicate with ppl from all around the world.Try to speak in eng even its broken.Dont worry ppl not laughing at you.But im bit frusted certain ppl,when we try talk in eng,they said we lupa daratan and pinggirkan bahasa sendiri.Its not i forget my own language,i just want to learn since english is international language.And i feel so sad when i wrong pronounce some words they will laugh at us.I meannn urghh thats annoying.Macamlah hang tu boleh speak eng betu sangat,padahal level sama cam aku jer.Hmpphh....

Ppl nowdays are weird.They should support us.not make a joke from our mistakes.

okay minna,thats all,byee ciouuu

p/s can you explain to me what the meaning of that phrase?
i really want to know..




  1. yeah we should learn from our mistakes. my english is also not good but i keep trying to learn everything :D good luck!

  2. Assalammualaikum.

    Dear Airin, people always weird. That's the truth. :)

  3. I'm using British accent most of the time than American accent yet my fiance has been using American accent all his life.
    I love he says butter with the 'd' while I pronounce it with the 't'.
    Hahaha. Its okay whatever accent you use. Malaysian accent is so okay. Just be yourself.

    Anyways, all the best English is fun!

  4. I think the phrase just trying to say that we are the sunlight and sunny other people life, we dont need to expose ourselves to become the sun itself. haha. Idk if u can understand this, but that what in my mind.

    btw, yeap, english is cool, just learn to write and speak some lately. and i've been reading a looooottt too, just to broaden the vocab thingy.

    go go improvement! ehehehe.

  5. yup true.! try to speak in English even its broken... Practice make perfect dear. No worries. Salam perkenalan =)

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