Saturday, 22 April 2017

randomness again

Assalamualaikum and hai people.

Since I stay a few nights at my bestfriend's house,I borrow her computer for a while and write new

This evening around 5 pm, i will heading to my house since weekend is over and you know what is

 that mean

That's mean tomorrow is school day

But my homework still not finish yet and I did not do any revision because of homework.
Okey,that is just a little random rant from me since i do not want a short entry
Did you play any sports?
Yes I do.
I'am playing badminton because that is the easiest sport that i only know
But now i playing volleyball for the first time in my life
I am so proud of me because i do a thing that i never do before
My karpus area feel hurt because i still not use to play it
At first,I thought they will laugh at me because failed to serve the ball.The ball did not passed the net.
But I AM WRONG,my club member taught me to serve the ball.

The reason why i joined volleyball because of


I am such a otaku freak

I am very inspired with Haikyuu,because they played volleyball with passion.And I thought,thats

gonna be great if I joined volleyball club since it is my last year of high school.

even i do not know how to play volleyball well,but i want

to try something new and make some good memories before i leave my high school.


Oh,yesterday I got forth place in Pertandingan Gubahan Bahan Terbuang.


I never thought me and my bestfriend will win because you know,

ok bye

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