Monday, 21 November 2016

Short Animation That Make Me Cried

Assalamualaikum guys

Have you heard about Shelter

Well,I'm not heard it for first time because,one day i opened instagram and browsed something


I came acrossed  with Shelter .

At first I thought,it was an anime/movie since people always talked bout it.

So yeah,i searched on kissanime while ago

and yeah

it's actually music movie,i thinks,its kind sort of that

but hey

i will give em a chance first since the animation quite good

you better watch it first.

But this is not on offical youtbe chanel Porter Robinson since i can't search it one to put it here...

Gahhh,im sorry guys

But this is same to the original video

No worries guys

Please click here to watch on offical Porter Robinson's chanel 

Well actually i dont know this girl is vocaloid or what,since she lives in virtual.

Like hell yeah,

When start 3.00 minute of the video,it will revealed everything bout the girl

If you want know,watched the video first.


For me,it's really sad

How bout you?

Since our heart didn't same,so i want know your feeling 

Yeah yeah, i will wait for your comment minna.

Even i watched it for second times,it really touched my heart

my kokoro so sensitive,ewww lol

So this is the full version of the songs.

Porter Robinson also make another song which for me the song related to Shelter 

Its really catchy and have deep meaning since i told you its kinda related 

Please click here since i cant search it through blog. errkk 

Bye,please let me know your feelings for this animation. 


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Suhaiza Suki said...

cikja xtahu sgt psl anime, tp kawan cikja ada yg suka dgn anime. memang obsess with anime. haha