Sunday, 30 October 2016

I'm Back Guys

Assalamualaikum guysssss.

After a long hiatus finally im back.Well i dont have any story to share with you guys because my life kinda bored. I just finished my exam on Thursday last week.Its really tough dude.The question really hard and my brain cant worked correctly -_-

So,i just checked my cbox,many ppls told me my header really beautiful and one person asked me,that i am student architecture. LOLLLL,of course not.Dude im only 16 years old.Hahahaha
FYI,i did not do any digital art,i only do traditional art and i cant draw like my header. Hahahaha.
Ok,ok lets be honest here.I use GOOGLE.You know Google?Of course you know

Just search 'anime background scenery' and poofff so many selection just pick any pic that you like and make sure the size above 1000.You can choose city,beach and lots.So yeah,my header credit to owner and i do not know who the owner is.Im not said my header is mine.Ohh i wish i can do digital art,but what i can do is only traditional art. -////-

and edit the size on paint according your header size,simple right?

Im very confused right know,where should i go after SPM? I plan to take language and linguistic in english/japan. But i dont know what university have that course and what qualification that they want.The reason why i want take language because i really lovessssss with english and japan.

But i have several choices like business,interior design/decorate/art/teacher(i want to teach nihongo/english in malaysia/japan) and so on(i will thinks it later)

Even my english is sucks,but who knows one day i will improve right?

so who take japan language and studied in japan,please let me know what criteria that they want.Should i take addmath or not. because i planned to drop that subject.Its really hard you know.All i can do is math only. :'(

ok guys,thats all bye

p/s i really need your advises 



intan safiya said...

goodluck with ur result :D

TheKhairina said...

@intan safiya Thank you so much xoxo :D


do your best in your SPM and make sure your english at least A- :) never think to drop your subject , my dear . i know you can do well ^^

nurul rasya said...

kalau nak amik japanese linguistic you can try UM. They offer the course but first you need to take either foundation or matriks. Rasanya ada blog student UM yang amik course Japanese linguistic tak ingat nama url dia tapi kalau google InshaAllah jumpa.

tapi kalau yang macam saya yang memang prep kat mesia before fly mara dah tak offer course ni. kitorang ada dua batch je lelz.

kalau betul nak jepun boleh try mara, jpa, and ypm tapi the course are all in engineering. bila grad you can be a japanese language teacher macam senpai-senpai saya banyak je jadi cikgu eventhough they are engine student.

kalau ada lagi nak tanya boleh drop mesej kat cbox