Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Kaneki Ken <3

Fear to face the fact.
-You must accept the fact and don't ever give up.

Fear to losing someone you love.
-It's hard,but you must move on

Fear to be alone.
-Its okay to be alone.

Fear to fight.
-Stand and struggle to fight

Fear to rise.
-Be brave.

Fear to tell the truth.
-Don't fear for justice.

Fear to be yourself.
-Just proud of yourself because you're unique

Don't fear and trust yourself.

Don't make fear drag you down but make you rise.

Sorry for my english,but i want to write my entry in english confidently.Hahahaha


Kim Chaa said...

What's happened in your life, u need to stand up & go on .. *nak try jgk komen dlm english, walaupun berterabur. Hehe .. salam kenal :)
jmput singgah rumah baru kite ;)

Khairina Khairudin said...

@Kim Chaa
Hahahaha,nothingla.Saya okay jer heheheh.
Thanks for your advise :D